Tulsa Golden Driller
A Tulsa Icon Receives a Golden Makeover...UltraCoating by Bill Haynes Co.
1966 - Today

Tulsa Golden Driller
Tulsa’s iconic Golden Driller has a new, protective coating.

The current Fiberglas and concrete structure, installed at 21st and Pittsburg Avenue in 1966, now has a new golden makeover.

To protect and preserve the statue for many years to come, Bill Haynes Company installed UltraCoating - their unique three-product coating system that is ten-times thicker than paint, and is state-of-the-art in the coating industry.

For over 45 years the Golden Driller has stood watch over the Tulsa fairgrounds. It is dedicated to the vision and daring of the men and women of the petroleum industry. Now it has the coating it so richly deserves.

It was first introduced in 1953 at the International Petroleum Exposition and permanently placed in it’s current location in 1966.

The Golden Driller was declared the official state monument in 1979

Weighs 43,500 pounds and stands 76 feet tall.

His right hands rests on an actual oil derrick from an oil field in Seminole, Oklahoma.

Third-largest free standing statue in the United States.