Ultra Ceramic Coating
Since 1975 Bill Haynes Company has provided the highest-quality exterior products for homeowners. Ultra Exterior Coating protects and beautifies your home. From small to large homes, office buildings and commercial buildings, people are discovering this new revolutionary Ultra Exterior Coating System. Far more durable than any paint, and more appealing and affordable than vinyl siding, Ultra Coating is the common sense choice for your home or building.

Ceramic Microspheres

Ultra Coating is a multi-step exterior coating that is unmatched in quality and durability. Ultra Coating is made up of a special blend of elastomeric polymers and ceramic microspheres. Ultra contains twice the Ceramic Microspheres as the leading competitor. These heat-reflective microspheres are the key to protecting your home from extreme temperatures for years to come. Ceramic is one of the best non-conductors of heat and will reduce heat transfer. Ultra Coating provides long term protection for all types of wood, stucco, masonry, and metal surfaces.

Primer/Bonding Agent

Ultra's first-coat Primer/Bonding Agent ensures maximum adhesion of the coating. It's unlike any other primer on the market today. It penetrates and adheres to nearly all construction materials and waterproofs the surface. It's the leader in the industry.

An Ultra Coating Exclusive PEST®

Ultra Coating has our exclusive, remarkable PEST® to help eliminate crawling and flying insects ranging from ants to mosquitoes, cockroaches to silverfish. PEST® has no odor, and will not harm pets, birds or livestock.

PEST® is a remarkable product that goes to work after the insect has made contact with the coated surface. It's a treatment that works for years to kill crawling and flying insects that make contact with the coated surface. It's a great way to eliminate pesky insects before they invade your home.

Finally, an exterior finish for your home that not only eliminates constant and expensive paint jobs, but also works to help rid your home of annoying insects...and its only available from Bill Haynes Company.


Ultra Coating contains Anti-Mold®, our exclusive additive designed to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and algae on your home. It also helps your coating maintain a fresh appearance year after year. Anti-Mold® is odorless, has no fumes, and will not affect the color or quality of the coating.

Ultra Coating waterproofs the exterior walls, yet still allowing the walls to breathe. Breathability is CRITICAL in the prevention of damaging effects caused when moisture becomes trapped in the wall.

Patented color Stabilizer

For years, the biggest enemy and greatest threat to exterior building products has been the damaging effects of ultra violet rays. UV rays fade colors and deteriorate products making them brittle and shortening their life. Ultra contains a patented color stabilizer to help prevent fading and aging. This remarkable stabilizer keeps your coating looking new year after year.

At last, a system that eliminates the need for painting and provides a finish that wears well, weathers well, protects well, and survives the test of time. Ultra Coating is non-toxic and contains no lead or heavy metal fungicides or asbestos.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Limited lifetime warranty is our pledge to you. We guarantee Ultra will not peel, chip, or crack. Ultra Coating is formulated to look like fresh paint, and endure beyond vinyl siding, without the plastic look of vinyl siding.

Finally you can coat your house and not have to think about it again. Ultra Coating protects your home from extreme temperatures, the damaging effects of UV rays, cracking and peeling with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Ultra Exterior Coating. No other coating gives you more.